Posted by: Zsuzsanna | January 20, 2009

Time flies when you’re having fun…

It’s hard to believe that January is already more than half over. Rebecca is 3 months old this Tuesday. Words cannot express how much joy she has brought to all of our lives since her arrival. I cannot imagine not having her, and am excited about the prospect of many more children in the future as God sees fit to bless us. Rebecca is like a happy little ray of sunshine. Her latest gigs include laughing loudly, squealing, and sitting up in her Bumbo seat. Happy and sweet are the two most fitting words to describe her. Unfortunately, there are not that many photos of the little sweetheart because I am always so smitten by her that I don’t want to put her down long enough to go grab my camera.

Here she is sleeping in her little “nest” in our bed. There is nothing sweeter than to fall into bed at night tired from working hard all day long and getting to cuddle up with this sweet little bundle.

Here she is playing in her jungle gym:

My camera cable that I use to download pictures to the computer was lost for a couple of weeks, so following are some “catch-up”photos of the rest of the family.

I already wrote about our Christmas, but did not upload all the pictures to go with it.

Our ham dinner

Solomon with a board game he got for Christmas – so far, he has beat me/us every single time!

Isaac in his new knight costume

Miriam trying to wear/carry as many gifts as she can at once
In early January, we took a trip to Legoland in Carlsbad, California. The weather was magnificent as always, and because it was a Monday, the park was very quiet and there were no lines. One of the endless benefits of homeschooling.

Miriam and Rebecca fell asleep side by side in the stroller

I really don’t like the following family picture, but aside from me, everyone looks cute so I thought it would be a shame not to post it.

This is how much I like to have my picture taken:

This trip was the first time that we had to get two hotel rooms to accommodate our family. Until now, we would get one room with two double beds – the boys would share one (they were small enough to fit), and we would share the other with Miriam.

This time, we got one room with a queen bed that I shared with the two girls, and one room with two double beds that my husband and the boys shared. It was really nice because I got to stay up late reading one night and then sleep in the next morning.

Here is a picture of the girls at bedtime:

The following week, my husband took all the kids except the baby on another trip to California with him. I had been saying that I wanted to take a vacation all by myself, with just the baby (since she is exclusively breastfed), and my husband was always all in favor of that. I was reluctant to go, though, because I didn’t want to come home from a vacation only to find the house had been turned into a pig pen in my absence.

Instead, I had this idea that they all should go somewhere and give me some quiet time at home. My husband, nice as he always is, agreed and left on Wednesday night after the evening service. They drove half-way to California that night, stayed at a hotel, and drove the rest of the way in the morning. They spent two days going around to all sorts of fun places before coming back home. My husband made another movie with them, and I can’t wait for him to edit it all so I can post it on here. The kids all had a great time, and no doubt made some wonderful memories.

I had envisioned cleaning the entire house while they were gone, and actually having it all clean at one time. Instead, I became lazy the minute they left, and didn’t even start cleaning until they were almost home. What’s the point, I figured, it all gets dirty again anyway. Instead, I spent my time cuddling Rebecca, smelling her baby scent, and visiting with friends without having to constantly make sure the kids were getting into something. I stayed up way too late every night, because I didn’t have to get up early the next morning. I didn’t even cook for myself. It was wonderful, but I was also very glad when they all got back.

The next morning, I told the kids to clean the van thoroughly before I even considered taking a look at the inside of it. After a couple of hours of them cleaning it out, I finally had the fortitude to face the mess myself.

Do you know what is worse than finding a box of crickets in your vehicle?

Finding an empty box of crickets… Apparently, this was one of the props in their low-budget movie.

We filled not one, but two of these big garbage bags.

This doesn’t look so bad, does it? That’s because you can’t smell the picture. This is where Isaac threw up all over the seat, cabin, and himself after eating too much junk food and washing it all down with sodas. (My husband will dispute that it was caused by that, but I know it was.) Hahahahahahaha – I am SO GLAD I didn’t have to clean it all up for once!!!!! I do still have to shampoo the upholstery, but it’s not that bad.

Change of subject: Last Sunday, Solomon tied his tie for the the very first time on his own – I think it came out great! I didn’t even show him how to do it, he just picked it up.

Today was a very productive day for me. I was able to get a lot of laundry washed (although it is still not put away), clipped and organized this week’s coupons and went grocery shopping at two different stores, and helped the kids clean up the toy room. All in addition to cooking, changing diapers, nursing the baby, teaching the older kids, etc. Days like this are rare. On most days, we usually get interrupted by some sort of emergency or have a lot more errands to run.

Since things had gone so nicely all day and the kids were showered and ready for bed in a semi-tidy/clean house early, we did a fun little science project. Then we read several chapters of the Bible, as well as from a chapter book I have been reading to them at bedtime.

Whenever I have a day like this I try to enjoy it as much as I can because I know that tomorrow is bound to be one catastrophe after the other.



  1. ok its super late here but i will coment anyway and then hit the sack….forst of all i loved this post and the cricket story made me laugh!!
    Thanks for sharing an honest glimpse into your life and i can relate to everything you just typed up:) I think our kids would get along great!!
    Now tell me pleasw where do you get all theses super costumes for the kids? My boys love to dress up. I might pay a visit to the thrift store and see if I can find anything cheeply!
    i had a productive and wonderful day too….it must be in the air this Monday or something:)

  2. Hi Zsuzsa,
    You have the most beautiful family! I’m happy you had such a nice few weeks, with a little time to yourself 🙂
    God Bless

  3. The picture of the girls in the stroller was so cute. My son would have loved Legoland and the train. I can so relate to the messy vehicle. The van we have now stays fairly neat, but before the transmission went out in our old car you would have thought we lived in it.

  4. I echo Brittany’s comment about the girls in the stroller, they are so cute! And my goodness, has Becca grown.

    Wonderful post, I really enjoyed this one.

  5. It is really funny about how sarcastic you acted in that particular picture. I really love to see pictures of you even though you don’t like for your picture to be taken.

    The pictures of the kids were good. It looks like they’ve had a lot of fun. That is nice that you had a small vacation at your house. Did your kids go with your husband while he was working on business?

  6. Thank you all for the friendly comments.

    Tereza, the costumes are from “Aeromax Toys”, they are called “Get Real Gear”. They are definitely on the pricey side, but oh – so worth it! They hold up great to being worn every day, and being laundered many, many times.

    Misty, my husband was doing some work in CA that he could take the kids on. He was doing walk-throughs at existing stores to give them a quote on the work they had requested.

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