Posted by: Zsuzsanna | December 13, 2008

John’s birthday

Thursday was John’s 4th birthday. Sadly, the old cliché that they grow up too fast is all too true.

These are some of his birthday portraits:

John’s main present from us was an astronaut costume because he loves dressing up more than anything else. He also got a construction-worker vest, a pair of PJs I sewed for him from fabric that he had picked out, and a small game. In addition, he got tons of presents from relatives and people at our church, all of which he loved. For his special breakfast, John requested “palacsinta”, a Hungarian specialty similar to crepes.

We did not have a party for John because we were going to take him on a trip to Legoland for his birthday instead. We ended up having to put that off until January, but by then it was too late to plan a party for him. As always when one of the kids has a birthday, I gave them the day off from school work. We went to a little play town in the morning, and in the evening we went to Family Fun Night at Chick-fil-A.



  1. What great pictures. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I love all there costumes. It shows they have a great imagination.

  2. Now that is just too cute…I think the annual bday photos is a great idea…

    I’m sure I’ll do something similar when I have children.

    I am also a huge fan of Chik-Fil-A and their Cow mascot..haha…”Eat Mor Chikin!” LOL!

  3. I know whenever I write I must seem like a big critic, but I have to say that all of you’re sons are very handsome young men, they look just like their dad. You’re daughter’s are beutiful too.

    You are going to have a family of heartbrakers when they grow up!

  4. yes zsuzsanna is a Hungarian name al right:) I’m Hungarian as well and my kids LOVE palacsinta!!

  5. Thank you for all the compliments.

    Tereza, I had no idea you were Hungarian! Do you speak the language? Have you ever been to Hungary? Do you follow a recipe when you make palacsinta? My mother taught me how to make them “by feeling”, so I don’t have a recipe to pass on to people who ask me for one.

  6. All the kids costumes are really cool and I think its great they enjoy them so much.

    Thank you for sharing the link to that costume site. We love “cowboy” themed infant clothing and we’ve bought a ton of it for our son. We’ll have to get one of those Jr. Cowboy costumes for him to wear one day!

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