Posted by: Zsuzsanna | December 8, 2008

My little troupe

The three boys dress up as something or other pretty much every day of their life. We get a lot of amused looks when we show up in public. From left to right, there is: Miriam, not dressed up, but her hair a mess as always, Isaac as a fireman, John as a train conductor, and Solomon as a pilot. Need I mention they all picked their own outfits and did not ask my opinion on it?

What would you think if you ran into us at the store, me with another baby in a sling, pushing a cart overflowing with groceries??? It’s a traveling circus.



  1. If I saw you all coming I’d think it was the cutest thing in the world. Most moms wouldn’t let the kids out dressed up. I always did with my kids. There kids and it’s fun.

    My son likes the pilot suit. He is 10 but looks 13. I don’t think he can pull it off anymore. haha!

    Your kids are adorable.

  2. I love seeing kids dressed up in public. Too many moms enforce rules when they aren't necessary.

    There's nothing wrong w/ using your imagination. Kids are deprived of that in this generation.

    I have 3 daughters & they get to dress up whenever!!

  3. adorable:) I’d think you guys must be a fun family OR that you are so busy you had no time to make um change:):) and then i would relate to that:):):)

  4. I would think you were such a cool mom to let them do that. They are cute!

  5. I would think you were such a cool mom to let them do that. They are cute!

  6. I would think what a lovely family

  7. I’d think more than one thing….

    1. How cute that you’re kids get to dress up like that — nothing wrong with letting them be kids!

    2. You’re a better woman than me because while I very much want children…the thought of having 5….I can’t even imagine having enough moments in the day to raise 5.

  8. I love seeing kids like that out in public! Makes me wish I could do the same thing. 🙂 Plus it’s a great way to foster creativity!

  9. PureJoy,

    maybe people would think your son is a real pilot if he wore it in public?! Sometimes I wonder how much longer Solomon will want to dress up in public and not feel weird about it.


    what do your girls like to dress up as? Miriam is not yet into dressing up.


    you are right, I don’t have the time to have them change into “normal” outfits. Plus, it simplifies the laundry when the want to wear the same few outfits every day.


    I think “cool” is the last thing the kids think of when they think of me. That would be my husband. I am the old fuddy-duddy who makes them work.


    Thank you!


    that’s why kids come one by one, not in litters. When I only had one, I could not imagine having a second. But when we did, after a few weeks I got used to it and thought “This works, but I could never imagine having three” etc. Right now, I can handle all five just fine in spite of my concerns when there were only four, and although I have no clue how I could possibly handle six kids I’m sure it will all be fine when that happens.


    I really enjoyed reading your blogs, I will link to you once I have the time to update my sidebar.

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