Posted by: Zsuzsanna | November 20, 2008

Recent pictures

Miriam and Rebecca:

Solomon and John at a park in Superior, AZ:

Miriam and Isaac at the playground:

Miriam, John, Solomon and Isaac in church:

Daddy holding Rebecca:

John in his fireman outfit on a real firetruck. We ran into the fire department at the store, and they asked if he wanted to sit on the truck.

John, Miriam and Solomon at Castles ‘N Coasters:



  1. Your children are very beautiful!!

    Does John wear the fireman costume everywhere? I noticed he’s wearing it in a couple of pictures.

  2. The pictures were great. I looked at the picture of Rebecca very closely and I think she looks like you (Zszusanna). Has anyone told you that Rebecca looks like you in the face?

  3. Sarah,

    Thank you. Isaac and John both have a fireman costume, so more often than not, at least one of them is wearing their costume.


    Thank you. Nobody ever said Rebecca looked like me, that’s interesting.

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