Posted by: Zsuzsanna | July 18, 2008

Where to find vaccine info

Several people have asked recently what my opinions on vaccines were. While I would like to write about it at length, I have not yet had the time to do so. In short, we stopped vaccinating our kids after our oldest son turned 1 and I had done extensive research on the subject. The other three have never been vaccinated, or injected with any other substance that they tell you is necessary to newborns and babies (e.g. vitamin K). I have too little faith in the medical profession (the government’s prostitute) to let them put anything into any of my children.

Much information is available online and at the library. There is a link in the column to the right that takes you to a website with lots of information. Prison Planet has a whole section of their website dedicated to this subject. Check it out!



  1. Just wondering why you are anti the vitamin K injection? I ask only because it is a vitamin and not a vaccination, also, as I am new to your blog, how come you lost faith in the medical profession? Thanks

  2. Silver,

    I wouldn’t say I am totally against the vitamin K injection. There are cases where it may be very beneficial to the baby, such as if the mom had a bad diet during pregnancy, or if she had liver problems. Oral vitamin K is actually just as beneficial, and probably much less traumatic to a baby that was just born a minute earlier and hasn’t even had a chance to be held by its mom yet. There are many things a mom can do in late pregnancy to build up her and her babies vitamin K levels, such as herbal teas, which would make a vitamin K injection needless.

    I am wary of being injected with anything, which may go back to me growing up in a Communist country where we were forced to get vaccinated at school. The doctors used old, donated vaccines that the “West” no longer deemed safe. I once could not lift my arms for days after one of those injections, and have several scars on my upper arms from them.

    I am even more wary of the state-sponsored genetic newborn screenings. I think it is the government’s way to obtain blood (i.e. DNA) samples of every person born in the country, since they make no secret out of the fact that all samples will be stored indefinitely and entered in a database. I think that if people want to do those tests they should hire a private lab to do so instead.

    I lost my faith in the medical profession after moving to the United States, where it seems it is more of a religion than a profession interested in helping heal people. I am not saying there are no good doctors, I am saying they are very few and far between. Highly addictive pain killers, that in Germany are only given to terminally ill cancer patients, are given out like candy here because it’s what pays for the doctors car payment and his kids’ college tuition. I had never even heard of anyone being addicted to prescription medication before I came here. As a pregnant woman, I am appalled by the high rate of unnecessary C-sections, again all carried out because the doctor makes so much money on them. The list goes on and on. I think people need to realize that they need to take responsibility for their own health rather than just blindly trusting a doctor without doing any research themselves. It’s like taking your car to the mechanic and saying “Can you check if there is anything wrong with my car? Whatever it is you find, I will be more than happy to get it fixed and pay whatever price you want to charge.” Obviously, they will find something wrong. Doctors mostly do the same, but a human body cannot be exchanged like we buy a new car if the old one gets messed up.

    Anyway, hope this answers your questions.

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