Posted by: Zsuzsanna | May 30, 2008

Birth control pills, IVF, and abortion

For years I have been telling women that all forms of hormonal birth control lead to early, “silent” abortions of their babies by not allowing the newly conceived child to attach to the walls of the womb. Instead, these babies are “washed out” when the woman’s monthly cycle starts.

This includes the pill, mini pill, hormone injections, implanted rods, patches, and hormone-releasing IUDs. (Non-hormonal IUDs have the same effect by poisoning the womb through the metal that is used.)

The reaction is almost always the same: disbelief, and then rejection or apathy. They hide behind “If it really did that, how could so many women be using these birth control methods? How could so-called Christian doctors prescribe these? Why have I never heard of this before?” etc.

I found the following article on Yahoo News surprisingly honest. I quote:

DENVER – A proposed state constitutional amendment defining a fertilized human egg as a person was certified Thursday for the November ballot, moving Colorado a step closer to an election battle over abortion rights.


Opponents say the proposed amendment could affect birth control because the most widely used form of contraception works by preventing fertilized eggs from attaching to the uterus. [emphasis added]

They also say the measure could deter in-vitro fertilization and stem cell research and bar doctors from treating women with some forms of cancer. [who are being treated with embryonic stem cells]

Of course, this is what the opposition had to say:

“Defining an egg as a person in our constitution and statutes isn’t science-based and makes bad public policy,” said Crystal Clinkenbeard, a spokeswoman for an organization called Protect Families Protect Choices, which opposes the measure.

Nobody said anything about “defining an egg as a person”. An egg in and of itself does not begin dividing into more and more cells and become a growing a human being. This measure is aimed at fertilized eggs, which is really not an egg but a newly conceived human being.

My goal is not to make anyone feel bad who has used hormonal birth control in the past. Sadly, many women are ignorant of the medical facts behind it. I myself was guilty of this and took the pill for two months when we first got married, which is probably what caused the loss of my first pregnancy. I guess I should have been researching what I was popping in my mouth every day a little better. Although I discontinued taking the pill before I knew of its true effects (we actually WANTED kids right away, as soon as I was covered by my husband’s health insurance), I was still shocked when I did find out how it really worked a few months later.

What gets to me is people who find out about how hormonal birth control works, and then choose to ignore the facts out of convenience. Could all those women please put the emotion aside, take their head out of the sand, and read up on the medical facts behind the pill? Is having babies really that bad that you have to knowingly KILL them? Do you really just need to save all your money for the mall, a new car, a bigger house and fun vacations? Do you care about anyone beside yourself?

The truth won’t go away no matter how long you choose to ignore it.



  1. Hi I just found your blog through your churches Web Site. I was reading a post you have about why you disagree with in-vitro fertilization, and the woman you were mentioning does sound horrible, but in my case, would it be wrong to use in-vitro fertilization, let me give the situation… I am 24, I have been married from the time I was 17 (7years) I DO NOT use ANY form of birth control, and I am unable to conceive do to having poly cystic ovarian syndrome… (my ovaries are covered with cysts, therefore eggs are not released, and an not be fertilized, preventing me from bearing a child.) My DR. Says the ONLY WAY for me to conceive is with in-vitro fertilization, of course, I would not want any of the unborn babies to be killed, I would love to have multiple children. I am a foster parent, but there is nothing like having your own child. I hope you will respond to my comment, I would love to know what you think.

  2. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for asking. Yes, I do think it would still be wrong. Let me explain:

    1. I do not believe in situational ethics. If IVF is wrong for one person, it is wrong for anyone.

    2. The doctor is wrong in saying that your only way to conceive is via IVF. From his perspective, it may seem that the only way for you to get pregnant is with their help, but the Bible tells us that God can do the impossible. Sarah, who was well past her childbearing years and menopause, and at age 90 was “as good as dead”, became pregnant – a miracle. In fact, there is not one barren woman in the Bible who did not eventually have children when God gave her conception.

    3. When I talk about the children that get killed through IVF I am not just talking about the embryos that get discarded/left on ice indefinitely. I am also talking about the ones who are transferred to their mother’s womb, but only have a small chance of survival. It is inevitable that children will die during this unnatural process. You may end up with one or even several children at the end of it all, but you will nonetheless be responsible for the death of many more children in the process.

    While miscarriages occur naturally, the rates are not nearly as high, but even if they were, that would be God’s doing, and not yours.

    Hope this answers your question. If not, please let me know, and I can elaborate.

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