Posted by: Zsuzsanna | May 23, 2008

This week’s update

Our week has been blissfully uneventful. We are in the final days of school, and the kids and I are really enjoying our nice, new school room. I will post pictures of it on here once I finish cleaning off my huge desk. The nice thing is that the room is directly adjacent to the kitchen with an open doorway, so I can get things done around the house here and there while teaching.

This past Saturday was the first day over 100 degrees (104 to be exact) and it was also the day we canvassed Gila Bend, AZ from 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM – although I headed home with the kids shortly after 6 that night. Gila Bend is 1 1/2 hours from Tempe and has no gospel-preaching church whatsoever. It was a great day, with so many of our church people coming out for soulwinning and a total of 27 people getting saved. Everyone in town was really friendly to us.

The heat wave lasted until Tuesday. Wednesday was still pretty hot, and then today was just absolutely perfect weather – overcast and in the high-70s. Since I knew there was a thunderstorm moving in I gave the kids the morning off from school so they could play outside and ride their bikes, and we also ran errands in the nice cool weather. We did our school work in the afternoon and then enjoyed the wonderful fresh cool air that came with the rain. I love thunderstorms, and so do the kids. They think running around outside in the rain is just the funnest thing there is. Since it happens only every few months, I let them do it.

For dinner, I made pork ribs on the BBQ for the first time ever, and they came out really really good. Solomon loves ribs, and said they were better than the ones at Claim Jumper. If you have never been to Claim Jumper, you have never really lived!!

My midwife came by this evening to check on the baby because I was worried that I hadn’t felt it move in what seemed forever. The baby’s heartbeat was really loud and strong, and my belly was measuring exactly as it should have, so my concerns were unfounded. I think I just get so busy I forget to notice the baby moving. I am also completely over my morning sickness, which is great!

So nothing new and exciting. It’s so nice just to have a normal, everyday routine! I am enjoying it while it lasts because I know busier and more stressful times are just around the corner.



  1. Thank you for the update on Gila Bend. That’s great!!

  2. Do you expect that those 27 will come to church?

  3. Jonathan,

    No, I don’t. We are over an hour and a half drive away from this town. Thankfully, the Bible says “whosever BELIEVETH is not condemned”, not “whosoever cometh to church”. Our goal was not to get new people to come to our church but to keep them out of hell.

  4. I am so glad to hear that you are over your morning sickness, that must be terrible to go through for so long into the pregnancy. I thank God that I did not have go through that. I did not even really get sick, just queasy tummy with my pregnancies.

  5. That is what I expected you to say. What about the ongoing care and discipleship of these new 27 folks? I suppose it really needs a church plant. I hadn’t quote appreciated how far away this community was – but if there is no church there, it will be tough on them in their new christian lives.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. It’s sad that they don’t have a church within at least reasonable driving distance. It will be tough for a spiritual newborn to grow to be a strong Christian on their own, but they do have the Bible and the Holy Spirit to help them (we gave everyone who got saved a Bible). Although it is not a substitute for a local church, they can also listen to the weekly sermons online to learn more about the Bible. Also, it is not impossible for them to come to our church. One family who comes faithfully every week is from a town in AZ that is 3 hours drive one way!

    It is the goal of our church to train and send out young men all over Arizona, the United States, and the world to start churches where there are none. So maybe one day there will be a good church in Gila Bend.

    Still, I guess it’s better to get saved and stay a spiritual baby than not to get saved at all.

  7. Amen to that!

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