Posted by: Zsuzsanna | April 30, 2008


Starting immediately, I will once again start allowing comments that are not anonymous. I will still be very selective about what comments get rejected. After all, this is MY site, and I don’t feel the need to give every weirdo a platform.

Comments are rejected if they:

– criticize my husband, his preaching, or anything of that sort;
– contain inappropriate language or subject matter; and/or
– are left by a user who (a) discloses his profile and (b) has inappropriate content on the website that it would link to.

I have, and will continue to post comments that state a difference in opinion or challenge what I say, as long as it is not fulfilling one of the above disqualifying factors.

Here is a good example of what I get a lot and reject. This was written in response to my blog post on “Natural remedies for kidney problems“:

Is it a sin to go to the doctor? Does it show a lack of faith? Or are you concerned a female nurse might take your husband’s blood pressure? Or hand him a container and ask for a UA.

I hope he’s doing better.

In the post, I mentioned at least twice that kidney problems should be checked out by a doctor if natural remedies fail to improve the situation within 24 hours, so the first two questions show how dumb this person is.

As far as the female nurse taking my husband’s blood pressure: (1) Why would someone who has an infection need to have their blood pressure checked? This is a mostly needless ritual that doctors use because it makes them look so smart, even though it has no bearing on the patient’s condition. You could have normal blood pressure with or without a kidney infection, or vice versa. (2) I guess a woman lying down in front of another man, naked from the waist down at best, with her legs in stirrups, is no different from a fully clothed man having his blood pressure checked through his sleeve by a female nurse, or being handed a container by her? The person asking this is either completely stupid or perverted, but my guess is both.

This person should try walking into Walgreens, going up to the pharmacy, and lying down on the floor naked. After all, people get their blood pressure checked by the little machines there all the time, and an ob/gyn exam is no different, right!?!

And thanks for asking, but in spite of my bumbling attempts at medicine my husband is recovering speedily and well. In fact, he spent the last two days in Texas working long hours. All without seeing a doctor or using antibiotics.



  1. Some people don’t make sense. I think the reason people bring up things that no sense is because they are simply upset with you. They just don’t want to face the truth sometimes. Your point is right about ob/gyn exam and blood pressure test. They are both completely different. You never get naked to have your blood pressure tested. That would be pretty strange if someone went up to Wal-mart and took all of his clothes off to have his blood pressure tested.

    Ob/Gyn exam is very intimate and when it is done, it should only be done by a female medical professional or the husband of the lady. This is not the same as blood pressure test at all. I’ve had a male doctor listen to my heart, but it was through my shirt. I left my shirt on. I had so many strep throat infections when I was a kid so I had to take antibotics. The doctor simply just gave me a strep throat test. I never once had to take my clothes off. I usually get a flu shot each year, but I only have to roll up my sleeves a little.

    Your husband and you are on the right track about male gynecologists. They have no business practicing. I wish more Christians would understand this. It’s such a huge cultural blind spot. God only intended for women to be in the ob/gyn field. Your husband was right when he said that there was no mention of male gynecologists in the Bible. You read of midwives delivering babies.


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