Posted by: Zsuzsanna | April 26, 2008

Recent photos

Last Saturday, we took the kids to downtown Scottsdale. It is an old cowboy town with many unique little stores. The boys most enjoyed seeing “The Singing Cowboy”. We have seen him perform tricks with his horse Dusty at a library before, and the kids have been pretending to be him ever since.

Here is a video clip of John pretending to be a singing cowboy. Notice the slippers… John has a very “special” sense of taste when it comes to clothing.

The kids also had lots of fun splashing through a little artificial creek running through the nearby park. Of course, they got soaking wet and we had to go home after that.

On Wednesday night, the kids and I went on a work trip to Southern California with my husband. The kids love sleeping at hotels and will be happy to travel 6 hours each way to be able to do so. We got home again late on Thursday evening.

I am still working on converting the former office into the new school room. With all the sickness going around I just have not been able to finish that. We should be done with our current school year mid-May, so if nothing else I can get more projects done around the house after that.



  1. Ow, I miss Scottsdale!! Boohoo! My boys are the same about staying in hotels they just love it LOL!


  2. Great pictures! Thanx for sharing!


  3. oh those kids of yours are adorable:)

  4. Thank you! I forgot all about that singing clip until I just watched it again now. They grow SO FAST!!!

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