Posted by: Zsuzsanna | March 7, 2008

Back from our trip

I apologize for not posting much lately. Last month I was very busy getting ready for our trip to Europe, and then we were gone for 10 days. We finally just got back last night and there’s a ton of laundry and shopping to do. The house was fine except for some extensive water damage in the kitchen (source unknown, since it didn’t rain) and the weeds having taken over some parts of our yard. Some really nice people also decided to throw their trash bags into our yard, and of course the dog tore through them and made a huge mess of the entire backyard. Based on the trash we think it might have been the people across the back alley from us, but of course that’s just a guess.

Hopefully I will get to post some pictures and details of our trip here in the next few days. If you have e-mailed me within the last month and not received a response yet, I apologize. I will respond eventually.

Finally, I would also like to announce that we are expecting another baby, due mid October. The pregnancy has been pretty smooth and uneventful so far, and I have not had the usual morning sickness. Well, I do, but I have found liquid ginger extract to be pretty much a miracle cure. I take it anytime I start feeling sick, and it helps make me feel almost completely normal. After the strenuous trip home yesterday, combined with an 8 hour time change, I am feeling very sick today, but hopefully that will subside with lots of rest and proper diet over the next few days. Thank you to all who have been praying for me.



  1. COngratulations on the pregnancy!!! I’ll be praying for you and I hope you find a good midwife. Many Prayers,
    Karen Shoesmith

  2. Hey there!

    So glad you are all back safe and sound! CONGRATS ON THE new baby! I am so excited for you! I was praying for you all on the trip and I can’t wait to see pictures!

    ~Love Jasmine

  3. Congratulation’s on the new addition to your family. God is good!!

  4. Welcome home! Can’t wait to see the pictures. Congrats on expecting an addition to your family! How very exciting!

    God Bless!

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